The Journey Begins


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As usual, she is way ahead of me: her blog gets likes and visits on a daily basis from her many adoring fans. Flatteringly for me, she often writes about what we do together, or even just about watching me sleeping.

As I write, we are tucked away in a luxury mountain cabin somewhere in the USA. She is sitting beside me helping me, coaxing me, stopping me making stupid mistakes mostly. She’s all dressed up with somewhere to go. She’s in her cute, pink and white cheerleader’s outfit and we are about to head downstairs to the games room because she’s never been spanked over a pool table and I have never had the privilege of delivering one in such a place.

Our cabin is replete with opportunities: furniture to bend her over, rails to attach her to and soft king-size beds for the gentler side of what my friend Kayla refers to as ‘kinky fuckery’.

If only life was always this easy: we are sharing some quality time in what is otherwise something of a physical desert. We are in the mother of all long-distance relationships – my Kitten lives in the eastern United States and I am a Londoner.

We met almost three years ago on Twitter, almost by accident. Since then, our relationship has deepened and love and trust have truly blossomed between us. This is the longest time we will ever have spent together – I decided to visit her in the USA for a month. I’m already dreading the return flight.

It won’t be for long though: we are already planning to spend two weeks in the UK together next in September and then I will be over to visit just after Christmas. This way, we keep the flame alive; but this is a journey that does have an end. We have agreed that one day – whether here or there – we will be together for good, and live out our 24/7 D/s lifestyle. It’s something that we’ve both craved for so long.

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