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Lolly Paddle

Readers of my and my Kitten’s blog have probably worked out that we both consider Kayla Lords and John Brownstone to be good, kink friends.

It was therefore with much delight that we decided to patronise the Kinky Fuckery Shop which recently opened online.

Unfortunately, our order arrived while we were on a break elsewhere, and for various reasons we haven’t had much playtime since.

Oak Paddle
The grip on this beauty is excellent

As I am flying home to the UK today, Kitten reminded me that we hadn’t yet tried out our new toys – a Lolly Paddle and a Red Oak Paddle.

In the middle of packing, suitcases strewn around the floor, a hasty maintenance/good girl spanking was delivered using both implements.

Both felt great in the hand and delivered a resounding, stinging experience according to Kitten. What I especially like about the Lolly Paddle is the fact that it leaves cute little rings on her gorgeous, little girl butt.

So thanks John and Kayla, and get shopping, everyone else who is reading this blog. They will definitely be on my Kitten’s packing list when she visits the UK next month.

Does anybody else have particularly, favourite toys that must be packed for every trip? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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