Too Quiet, Too Long

Long Creek Falls
Peace and beauty in the North Georgia Mountains

It’s high summer, so once again i’m spending some quality time with my Kitten in the USA.

It has brought me to the realisation that I’ve neglected this blog really badly, since the estimable Michael Knight set it up for me.  Why, because a pesky troll was buzzing around like a persistent fly.  Now, truly swatted.

I’ve also had a major life event: my dear mum died on June 12, afed 98.  Life will now take a different direction, and I intend to edit several hours of video I’d recorded with her.  It will be a labour of love and a fitting tribute to her almost century here on Earth.

So life is being reset, rebooted, to borrow the language of IT geeks.

I intend to post here at least weekly, from now on, with my musings on the world of kinky-fuckery, the beauty of the female form, the odd video or book review.  You get the idea.
















































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