Blogs I Like

Kurvy’s Blog
My Kitten, my soulmate – she writes beautiful, erotic prose and never stops delighting me



Kayla  Lords
Podcaster, writer, smutlancer (her description) and talker about all things D/s and BDSM

John Brownestone

Married to Kayla, sometimes gets a word in edgeways on the Loving BDSM podcast, maker of wooden toys that always have an impact

Alex Reynolds

Spanking and fetish model and video producer, author of some highly original Age Play fiction, possessor of a bottom I’m proud to have spanked, lover of fullback, cotton knickers

Molly’sDaily Kiss

The fizzing ball of energy behind Eroticon, owner of a dirty mind and talented photographer

Spank Chief
Owner of AAA Spanking, producer of some of the best D/s erotica and organiser of the annual Spanking Awards

Jerusalem Mortimer 

Man of letters and of words, most of them filthy and all the better for it, the thinking person’s John Cleland

Rebel’s Notes

Run by the wonderful Marie, South African-born erotic blogger, beautiful human being and mentor to countless aspiring writers of erotica

Life, Love & Spanking

Home of Erica Scott, outspoken spanko and denouncer of political stupidity and senders of dick pics

Coffee & Kink

This is where Amy explores sex positivity, occasionally rants and peddles sexy stuff

Girl on the Net

A self-confessed pervert who is challenging stigma and encouraging the ethical consumption of porn, co-host of one of the hottest new podcasts, Sexpots Pod

EL Byrne

Erotic writer and adventurer – escaped life as a mid-west housewife and has come to Berlin, via Costa Rica


Blogspace of Zebra Rose – exploring kink and saucy stuff, loves writing and taking the odd decent picture

Favourite Equipment & Toy Providers


Run by my dear friend, the gorgeous Faith in Cardiff, Wales



US-based provider of all things kinky



UK equivalent of Stockroom


The Swedish sex toys that keep on giving


Because life gets more interesting when you add a little buzz