Today my Kitten was out of sorts: shivery, snappy, easily upset. I had had to pull her up a couple of times for practically throwing her extremely expensive smart phone down on the table.

Did she feel like playing?

She looked up at me from under her lashes and said shyly:

“To be honest, a spanking would probably do me good.”

Well say no more! Hang on though, doesn’t this call for more than usually sensitive handling? You bet.

Many female submissives process pain differently when they have PMS: often a moderate to severe spanking that they normally take in their stride will push them beyond their limits.

I told Kitten to dress in a white tutu with a minuscule white thong and white ‘fence net’ hold ups. She even put her hair up in a ballerina’s bun, rather than the usual ponytail or braids.

I made her pick out implements that she wanted to be spanked with: two leather and two wooden paddles.

I had her bend over the the end of the bed on tiptoes. As soon as I started her warm-up with the smaller leather paddle, I could tell that her pain thresholds had shifted. It meant that the other three implements – all of which were capable of inflicting severe chastisement – would have to be handled with care.

We agreed on twenty strokes with each implement, but I slackened the pace and let up considerably with the other three implements. On a normal day, she will probably have wondered what on earth was wrong. Today, she finished the spanking and wanted lots of hugs, kisses and reassurance – all of which she got in spades.

Our playtime afterwards was also markedly different: she tasted delicately citric – a sure sign of hormonal change. And her body seemed to hang on to orgasms and needed lots of coaxing to let them go.

Afterwards, she was happy and relaxed; happy that we had played and happy that her spanking had made her feel a little less out of sorts.

N.B. Please understand, dear reader that I am not setting myself up as an authority on women and PMS. I am merely relating what worked for us on a particular day and in the circumstances that I describe.